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Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865: Update CM 10.1 Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM Manually

Hello Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 users ! We all know that Motorola is a nice brand. But when it comes to Android market, Motorola Mobiles have not been able to catch much attention to android users except some phones like Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865. It is a nice, functions rich android smart phone. The user experience of Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 is up-to the mark. Now Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 user can taste the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which would make your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 really powerful in terms of UI, Performance and Battery Backup. So with out doing any blah blah blah… lets move to the action.

Here are step by step guide to upgrade your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 with  Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 via CM 10.1 Custom ROM Manually-

Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865

Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865

Important Notice:

  • This firmware upgrade is only for Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 so it should be installed only this device other wise it may cause damage.
  • This Firmware is completely safe to install on  your device and has been tested successfully.
  • It is advisable you to upgrade your phone at your own risk as we’ll not be responsible for any problem caused during this up-gradation. It happens only in rarest of the rare cases that  may cause lose of warranty.

Points to Consider before Up-gradation of Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865:

  • It is advisable you to backup all your phone data and settings before going for firmware up-gradation so that if you loose your data in any case data you can recover it.
  • Recommended Apps for back-up: Super Backup, GO Backup, Easy App Toolbox, App Backup & Restore and App Backup & Re install.
  • Make sure that your phone is at-least 80% charged so that during up-gradation you might not be the victim of out of power.
  • Last thing you need to do is to enable USB Debugging on your phone. This option can be find generally in Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.

 Final Steps for Up-gradation of Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865:

  • Download CM 10.1 Jellybean Custom ROM package here. 
  • Now Download  Google Apps on your Laptop or Computer.
  • Don’t extract the downloaded files just copy both files into SD card of your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865.
  • Restart your phone in Recovery  Mode by pressing  power + volume down simultaneously,  it will show you a warning message then validate it by pressing volume up button.
  • When your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 in recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  • Now return to the main menu and select “Install Zip from SD card” and select the downloaded zip file from SD card.
  • Upload the file and apply installation and wait for installation to get over.
  • Repeat the same process for Google apps and wait for installation to get over.
  • Now return back to recovery menu and reboot your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865.

Now enjoy your Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865 with CM 10.1 Jellybean 4.2.2. If you find any difficulties in this whole process, feel free to comment here .


  1. ur dont mention about version of this atrix or asian version?

  2. how do i out my atrix 2 mb865 at&t into debugging mode, am not talking about the usb option u mark into the settings menu. ??

    • Its a recovery mode,recovery mode in the Motorola Atrix 2 can entered by first turning ON the device and when you see the Motorola Logo you need to keep pressing the Volume Down button till the device enters in the recovery should not long press the Volume Down button.

  3. Will this root the phone as well or i need to do that seperately?
    If yes then please guide me how to root . .i have MB865 running ics 4.0.4

  4. Does it work on Motorola Atrix 2 Asia version?
    Anybody tested? Any problems ?

  5. Successfully update Atrix 2 AT&T from OTA 4.0.5 to JB. Thanks! Very smooth!

  6. hi, my atrix its already unlocked, do I need a cuatom recovery? in that case, how can install?


  7. In my case to enter Recovery Mode I had to press all keys volume up + down + power, with the phone off.

  8. Hi,

    Is this for rooted mb865 ?

    Does this work for mb865 asian unlocked.


  9. Am I Able To Directly Install This From My Phone Into A Download Folder

  10. When I Try To Install The Packages It Says “Package Not Signed. Installation Aborted.” What Do I Do

  11. can u pls share an alternate download location
    thanks in advance

  12. you need to press both volume buttons (up & down) and power button to get into recovery mode for atrix 2 (mb865). i figured out from a boy’s video on youtube because i’d been trying just pressing power + volume down and it didn’t work

  13. hi..I have done the wipe data factory reset and wipe cache partition….how do get to main the power button..could’t unlock..thanx

  14. i try it but i face some problem
    e:failed to verify whole-file signature
    e:signature verification failed
    installation aborted

    anyone can help ??

  15. tried, but same prob..

    failled to verify signature..
    pls help!!!!!!

  16. it,s work recording camera.? and do i need cwm and root my atrix 2 for install this cm10….please answer me.

  17. Hello there,

    is this method also working for mE865?


  18. Chrome indicates that the Google Apps zip file contains malicious software.

    is it a false positive?

  19. My atrix2 is already in JB 4.1.2.
    And can I update it to 4.2.2 by this same abovesaid procedure???
    My is asia version..

  20. hello,
    I had converteed my mob from MB865 to ME865 for jelly bean 4.1.2
    so can I upgrade my with this?

  21. Does the phone have to be rooted for this to work?

    • Thanks for writing us. Yes, your device must be unlocked and rooted for up-grading purpose

      • I have idea about rooted. But what do you mean by unlocked? Please let me know, I want to update my Atrix2 MB865 Asian version.
        My phone is rooted, having ICS 4.0.4. I have tried these steps by enabling USB debugging, but during installation start, I got error to verifying whole file signature and Installation aborted. I tried it several times, but same issue was there. Could you please let me know what could be the issue? and how could I resolve it?

  22. Guys, thanks for sharing this. I’m using asian version and I’m planning to upgrade. Is there any bugs worth mentioning after this upgrade to 4.2.2 ???

  23. Hi

    what are the 2 files need to be copied in SD Card

  24. I don’t no how to update my mobile any body tell me plz…..

  25. How can i root the phone?

  26. Nice. Work fine for me.

    I need update the system version.

    Mine is: 67.21.125. Do you know if have an updated version for this ?

    Thanks a lot.

  27. Can I install in Indian Version of MB 865
    of GSM not of At&t
    and any body have their is original rom of MB 865
    if any problem we can install

  28. does it is necessary to have my mb 865 in unlocked bootloader?

  29. I am using motorola ATRIX2 mb865 asian version
    I have done all above steps as mentioned, my phone is also rooted one. But during installing update file, I am getting error to verify whole file signature and aborting the installation.
    Please let me know, what could be the issue? And what will be the solution to this?

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